About us – Sealing Production & Tooling

Rubber and plastic cleverly combined!

We develop and produce sealings and molded parts for the automotive industry, the construction industry and the food & beverages industry at the quality location Germany. We only combine the best of the rubber and plastic worlds for our customers.

With mold and special machine construction as well as the production of EPDM molded parts for the automotive industry everything took its course once. In this extremely demanding industry, we were able to successfully assert ourselves, continuously improve and acquire valuable skills. We have long since established ourselves as a specialist for complete solutions around complex seals and molded parts. In addition to EPDM, we now also process other elastomers, thermoplastic elastomers (TPE), thermoplastics and we produce multi-component parts with an increasing degree of automation.

Here, our expertise is recognized as well as our permanently expanded range of materials, manufacturing processes and services. In this context one could even say that as a “solution finder” SPT reinvents itself again and again. But who stops today and is satisfied with the achievements, is already outdated tomorrow. It’s time to take the next step and extend the field of expertise to other sectors that can also benefit from our know-how. We are ready. What about you?

“We owe the progress to the complainers. Satisfied people do not want change “(Herbert George Wells)


Year established: 2002

CEO: Erik Backes /// Procurator: Harald Stahl

Headquarter: Wegberg (North Rhine- Westphalia), Germany

Delivery area: Europe und North America

Production capacity: 4.000 m²

Number of employees: 50

Clamping forces: 30t – 500t

Part weights: 5g – 2,5 kg

Manufacturing processes and services:

Multi-component injection molding (hard / soft), rubber injection molding, plastic injection molding, encapsulation of inserts,

product development, rapid prototyping, mold making, tool surfaces, assembly


Rubber moldings, TPE moldings, Multi-component parts, Sealings, Car seals, Corner seals, Thermoplastic moldings, 2C parts