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Special solutions from SPT!

In addition to pure rubber moldings like seals, dampers and grommets, we now also manufacture moldings in TPE as well as multi-component parts with an increasing degree of automation. Our expertise in injection molding is recognized as well as our permanently expanded range of services. Regarding to this, it’s also possible to say that we reinvent ourselves consistently as a “solution finder”.


Seals and special products tailor- made for premium helmet manufacturers. Adapted to newly developed prototype helmet shells, we had the task of constructing suitable seals between the visor and the helmet and making it in series.


Schuberth Helm Elastomer Dichtung

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The satisfaction of customers is our primary scale. Read which qualities they may appreciate in the work of SPT Production.

  • An automatic de-molding of such complex rubber products I see here for the first time

  • Reliable shipments and a friendly contact with technical know-how.

  • SPT always finds a technical solution for our products.

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    The material flow inside SPT is very lean. They know how to produce and deliver just in time.




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