Packaging and Logistics (EDI)

Logical for us – to take a holistic view on logistics!

SPT Production sees logistics as an integrated process around the maximum customer satisfaction. Since we view the individual customer requirements as the focal point of the whole process, we flexibly adapt our entire logistics chain to each client.

logistics chain Thermoplastic moldings

For this purpose an example from the automotive industry: The delivery schedule is received electronically via EDI and immediately processed in the ERP system for production planning, including the planning of safety stocks and optimal storage. Resistant packaging requirements, including container management enable an efficient internal transport. In shipping, we use goods tags at the cargo units according to VDA, Odette, or Edifact standard. After the goods have been picked up
by a logistics service provider, we send an Advanced Shipping Notification (ASN) to the customer immediately.

Logistics box for thermoplastic moldings

Why all this meticulousness in logistics? Because this way we deliver the right product to the right place at the right time in the right quantity, the right quality, and at the right cost, perfectly compliant with the 6R-rule. Last but not least, 100% punctuality pays also in 100% customer satisfaction.

/// The right decision with our Elastomer + TPE. Look at our products …


The satisfaction of customers is our primary scale. Read which qualities they may appreciate in the work of SPT Production.

  • SPT always finds a technical solution for our products.

  • An automatic de-molding of such complex rubber products I see here for the first time

  • Reliable shipments and a friendly contact with technical know-how.


    The material flow inside SPT is very lean. They know how to produce and deliver just in time.




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