Assembly and finishing

Assembly and finishing as required!

After the production of our moldings on the injection presses, there are different ways of further processing according to customer requirements and SPT recommendation.

For example, we are particularly good at deflashing our moldings kyrogenically in machines or with a gas burner. The quality of the deflashing is adjusted by means of master samples and agreed individually with the customer. Custom work in series, which is tailored to your needs.

SPT also offers the assembly of individual components into an assembly group. For example, we equip elastomer seals with plastic clips or adhesive tapes so that the seal can be safely and quickly installed on the automobile line.

If you like to provide SPT extruded profiles for the corner joint vulcanization, special cuts on the profiles are often necessary. We are happy to take over these cuts for you and offer you product-specific notching devices for this purpose.

SPT will gladly perform this work for you on the product:
  • Notching of profiles to measure
  • Special cuttings on profiles or moldings
  • Kyrogenic deflashing of moldings in machines
  • Aftertreatment or deflashing by gas burners
  • Assembly work, e.g. plastic clips to sealings
  • Application of adhesive tape or flocktapes to gaskets

Finishing operations elastomer and thermoplastic molding


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  • An automatic de-molding of such complex rubber products I see here for the first time

  • Reliable shipments and a friendly contact with technical know-how.

  • SPT always finds a technical solution for our products.


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