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Our outstanding know-how in the field of mold making is no coincidence. It results from many years of experience in the most demanding automotive sector. This is precisely where more and more extensive and complex sealing systems are required. On the one hand we manufacture simple molds for prototypes and small series. On the other hand, we manufacture highly complex molds for mass production, which are characterized by extremely long durability.

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Our molds for the automotive industry have to work as precisely as on the first day throughout the entire production life cycle of an automobile (usually 7-8 years). Good to know that our maintenance is specialized in the care of the molds and can draw on more than 30 years of experience in injection molding. Our experience shows that an additional cold runner block (with elastomers) or hot runner block (with thermoplastics) is often recommended, especially in the case of orders with high demand figures, in order to save material and raw material costs.

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When finalizing the molds, including processes and products, nothing is left to chance. We will gladly offer you the possibility to check our performance on our machines in order to leave it ready for production. Thanks to years of experience, innovative know-how and the seamless cooperation between design engineers and production staff, we create molds for a perfect end product.

SPT Production complexe process elastomer and thermoplastic moldings

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  • An automatic de-molding of such complex rubber products I see here for the first time

  • Reliable shipments and a friendly contact with technical know-how.


    The material flow inside SPT is very lean. They know how to produce and deliver just in time.

  • SPT always finds a technical solution for our products.




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