Rapid Prototyping

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vacuum casting and 3D-printed prototypes

Fast, faster, Rapid Prototyping: In the past it was a tedious matter to obtain a spatial impression of articles. Today this isn’t a big challenge anymore, but only a short process.

SPT relies on development-accelerating vacuum casting and 3D printing. In the shortest possible time, we will create a true-to-scale 3D prototype without having to design and build extra cost-intensive steel molds. This enables us to work on the practical model in advance and to gain valuable insights for the later production of molds. This knowledge flows directly into the subsequent mold making and saves possible costs for changes to existing steel molds later on.

3D Prototyping

Based on the customer’s 3D data, a STL model is first created. Subsequently, a silicone mold is produced on this basis, which is filled with special polyurethane resins under vacuum conditions. Even the most complex designs are realized, such as undercutting, tunneling and breakthroughs.

  • Delivery time 10-15 days!
  • The elastic components can be supplied in a hardness range of 30-90 Shore A.
  • The finished PU parts are true to size and can be used for initial sealing or damping property tests on your application.
  • With a silicone mold approx. 20-25 castings are possible.
  • Coloration of the components according to RAL and transparent

Elastomer Formteil Prototyp 3D Drucker

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The satisfaction of customers is our primary scale. Read which qualities they may appreciate in the work of SPT Production.

  • An automatic de-molding of such complex rubber products I see here for the first time

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    The material flow inside SPT is very lean. They know how to produce and deliver just in time.

  • Reliable shipments and a friendly contact with technical know-how.

  • SPT always finds a technical solution for our products.




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